I am pregnant

You can already make contact with your baby during pregnancy. You don't have to wait for your baby to be born. Your baby already needs this during pregnancy. This contact is important for:

  • the bonding you build together
  • your baby's development
  • getting used to your role as a mother and/or father
  • and it makes the transition for your baby after birth less big

Sometimes making contact is less automatic. For example, if you are not feeling well, you are worried or have problems yourself. We will help you build contact with your baby.

What can you expect?

During the pregnancy

After you register with Baby Extra, you have a welcome meeting with one of our employees. This takes place at your home or at the consultation office at Wenckenbachstraat in Eindhoven. If desired, assistance can also be provided partly online or by phone. It is important that your partner, if possible, joins the guidance.

You discuss how you and your pregnancy are doing and what you are worried about. We mainly focus on the contact with your baby in the belly. We also prepare you for contact with your baby after birth.

Together we watch sample videos showing how babies make an effort to connect with their parents. Each parent responds in his or her own way to their baby's first signals. On the example videos you can see that this often unconsciously goes well.

You can participate in the Baby Extra group meetings for pregnant women.

After the birth

After the birth, we make a short film recording of the contact between you and your baby. We edit these images with texts. We watch this video together to see:

  • what signals your baby shows to make connect with you
  • what your baby needs from you to develop and bond well

We also discuss what you encounter in parenting in combination with your (possible) own problems. If necessary, we will make a second film recording.

You can participate in the Baby Extra parent course. Under the guidance of two Baby Extra employees, we will discuss topics that your new parent role entails in 6 meetings.

What do we want to achieve?

  • that you can enjoy the contact with your baby
  • that you become (more) aware of your baby's signals
  • that you become (more) aware of what your baby needs from you
  • that the bond between you and your baby is strengthened
  • that you feel more confident as a parent
  • that you can make a 'good start' together


The guidance of Baby Extra is for a short period of time (2 to 5 contacts). The goal is that you can then continue together on your own. Do you need more support? Then we look together (in consultation with the referrer) what suits you. We can also tell you what the possibilities are in the region.


There are no costs for (future) parents for the help of Baby Extra.