What is Baby Extra?

A good relationship between parent and child is important for the development of the child. An important foundation for this is laid in the first 1000 days (from pregnancy until the child is 2 years old). This ensures a secure attachment. When parents  have (temporary) problems, building this bond does not always happen automatically.

Baby Extra focuses on promoting contact between (expectant) parents and their baby. This to strengthen parents in their parenting. This also enables a healthy development of, and a secure attachment with, the baby. Contact with the baby is central to all counseling conversations. For this we use film recordings, according to the Video Home Training (VHT) method. On the filmimages we look in which ways the baby contacts the parent and what this means.

Research shows that parents who receive support according to the video home training method, have more fun with their child and feel more secure as a parent. After this help, it is better to understand the signals of their child and to respond to them. The main purpose of Baby Extra is to prevent attachment problems.

Who is Baby Extra intended for?

Baby Extra is for all (expectant) parents who cannot enjoy their pregnancy or their baby (up to 1 year) or who feel insecure about parenthood. This could be for several reasons:

  • a heavy pregnancy, heavy delivery or a premature baby(future)
  • parents who are temporarily not feeling well, for example because they worry a lot, are very perfectionistic or because of worries in the relationship
  • (future) parents who themselves have psychological problems, for example, sadness complaints, anxiety or postpartum depression.

What help does Baby Extra offer?

Baby Extra offers help at expectant parents and parents with a baby (up to 1 year). Whether the baby has already been born determines the type of guidance. The start is a 'welcome meeting' in which attention is paid to the concerns and questions of the (expectant) parent(s). This forms the basis for further guidance, which consists of two to five contacts. If desired, assistance can also be provided partly online or by telephone.  Making film recordings of the contact between the parent(s) and the baby is therefore a regular part of the help. In addition, we als give a parent course.


There are no costs for (future) parents for the help of Baby Extra.